Can Con Rock On

Canadian Content is important in Canada. Canadian Content, or 'Can Con' as the hipsters say, is all about Canadian artists getting their material played on Canadian broadcasting mediums. So, basically, radio stations and television networks like Much Music and any other form of broadcasting must air a certain amount of Canadian music/stories/images/whatever in every block of material. Apart from being culturally important in sharing experience between Canadians and further developing our artistic escapades, Can Con also creates tons of jobs for Canadians in production and distribution. Can Con is a good thing, and needs to be celebrated.
And so I have begun this little project in order to support Canadian Content and those who produce it. I am, as you have probably already guessed, a proud Canadian. And my interest in the Canadian music scene began at a very early age when I discovered the idol of pre-pre-pre-teen rock, the talented Mr. Fred Penner. I went to all his shows, and could belt out 'The Cat Came Back' like a champ. And I haven't changed. From driving to California to catch a Broken Social Scene show to writing secret love letters to Hawksley Workman, I support Canadians in all forms of rocking. And I will dispense this love to you here.

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